At purchase of a fire extinguisher a customer is always told that the fire extinguisher should be installed in the proper place in the vehicle or in the area, due to warranty terms and generally to avoid unfortunate situations like following one:

While driving a vehicle a fire breaks out. The driver stops, moves
back the seat to take the fire extinguisher which lies underneath, the
extinguisher is not in its holder. The driver wants to extinguish the
fire on the vehicle, but fire extinguisher does not blow out the

The driver gets upset because of the non-functioning of the fire extinguisher, however he would not assume that by putting it under the seat instead of having it in the holder, he makes risks of his own accord that the extinguisher will not operate.

Modern fire extinguishers are filled with pressurized gas which blows out the extinguishing agent (powder, foaming agent). The valve of the extinguisher is equipped with a safety pin with a seal on it, which tells us if the fire extinguisher is unused.

Under the seat, while driving, the seal on the safety pin of a rolling extinguisher is one of the first things to be damaged and thus the  safety pin can fall of the lever. If this happens the actuating lever on the valve can be compressed anytime.

A brief pressure on the actuator lever is quite enough so the inner part of the valve comes into contact with the powder. At that point the propellant starts to leak out of the fire extinguisher, which eventually becomes unusable.

Pressing the activation lever for longer time will almost certainly cause a car accident, since one or more kilograms of powder in a closed vehicle obscures the interior of the vehicle, seriously complicates breathing and makes the driver unable to control the vehicle.

Do not let your only ally against fire to become the reason of your accident. The fire extinguisher is not a toy and not a tool….the fire extinguisher is a device that should be respected and properly installed in a suitable location.

B.B. and L.L.